Sqribble Review

Sqribble Review – Create High-Quality eBooks & Reports Within 5 Mins, Without Typing A Word?

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Name:                   Sqribble

Product Owner:  
Adeel Chowdhry and Ali Chowdhry

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Price:                      $67.00

In a nutshell, what is Sqribble? 

Sqribble is a software platform that allows anyone to create professional eBook’s, without typing any content and without having any design skills. PDFs, eBooks, and reports are a great way for any online business to generate leads and create brand awareness. Creating your own eBook can take several weeks and outsourcing the work can cost from several hundreds to even thousands of dollars, depending on length.


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Instantly Create Amazing
eBooks & Reports In Just
Minutes Without Writing
A Single Word!

Who is Sqribble for?

No matter what type of business you plan on doing online, generating leads is key. Even if you chose to be an affiliate marketer, where you are promoting other people’s products, you still need to offer unique bonuses and ‘incentives’ for someone to buy through your affiliate links as opposed to other marketers or go direct to product owner.

Sqribble is extremely newbie-friendly, as it can be used by anyone, even those who haven’t even got started online.

If you already have an established online business, you still need to be generating fresh leads. Sqribble allows you to pump out professional eBooks and reports at warp speed, without time and effort, and without spending a ton of money hiring writers and designers.

The creators of Sqribble hand you 4 bonuses that allow you to start your own eBook design agency if you wish and charge $500+ per eBook to clients.

Basically, anyone who has an online business, or is looking to start an online business, can use Sqribble to generate a constant stream of fresh leads for their products, offers, and services:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product creators
  • Marketing agencies
  • Advertisers
  • eCom store owners
  • Local marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • food
  • 3 things I love about Sqribble:

 Comes with over 50 eBook templates in 15 of the biggest niches online, such as health, languages, food, business etc. You’re sure to find templates to suit whatever subject you have in mind. Each template is beautifully designed with clean elements, allowing you to create stunning, professional looking eBooks that a graphic designer would be proud to show off.

A big issue with creating eBooks is typing… no one likes typing! Sqribble offers ways to automated content.

First, you can input the URL of any site you want, populating your new eBook.

The second option is that you can simply copy and paste any text from anywhere online, and paste it directly into your eBook (of course, you need to make sure you are not infringing copyright).

The third option is you can upload a Word or text file, and the software will automatically do the rest for you.

Tons of copyright-free articles in 15 different niches – just pick the ones you like and Sqribble will compile them into an eBook. Of course, if you’re in the 1% that actually likes typing and coming up with your own content.  Sqribble allows you to type directly into its platform, so you can see exactly how your content is going to look inside your new eBook.

Sqribble automatically provides you with everything you need to make your Ebook look professional, such as gorgeous eCovers, automatic table of contents, automatic headers and footers, automatic page numbering….automatic everything!



What will I get inside Sqribble?

You get the full Sqribble creation platform, which includes:

  • Create eBooks, report, white-papers, guides, info products and manuals on the fly.
  • 50+ professional templates in 15 of the biggest online niches.
  • Full ‘drag and drop’ design features, including cover pages, images, icons, backgrounds, button and links, bullet lists, call to action areas etc.
  • Fully customizable – change fonts, margins, colors, layouts, styles, themes, and add unlimited pages
  • A training center with over the shoulder videos and multiple interactive lessons.

Video Demo

Any drawbacks to Sqribble?

It’s difficult to find any drawbacks to Sqribble. Even as a complete newbie online, whatever you plan on doing, you will need to generate leads. And giving away high quality eBooks, reports etc. is a tested strategy that even global brands use to generate fresh leads. Even if you’ve never written anything more than a text message in your life, you can create professional eBooks that entice people to leave their details and interact with your business.

Imagine…selling on Kindle with professional high quality content.



Do I get any Bonuses with Sqribble?

 Yes, you get 4 Bonuses

  1. Full commercial license – Create unlimited eBooks, reports, and whitepapers with rights to sell to anyone and keep 100% of profits.
  2. Dashboard management – Give clients restricted access to your eBooks inside Sqribble so they can leave editing comments and manage projects.
  3. Feedback engine – Send clients your designs for approval and get feedback in real time, allowing you to get the job done faster, and paid faster.
  4. Agency website – Professional, done-for-you website with stunning pre-filled portfolio for you to show off to your potential clients.

Final thoughts on Sqribble:

One of the biggest hurdles anyone has online is Content Creation. We live in the information age, and consumers are consuming content at record speed.

 Anyone can create stunning content for lead generation, or as bonuses to affiliate offers, or even set up their own design agency…without any writing skills or design skills – In another words, Sqribble is a game-changer!

 Thanks to this unique technology, your customers never again will spend hours or thousands of dollars outsourcing eBook creation, content, and design because they’ll be able to do it from a simple interface at a push of a button!



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